In addition to stills photography, we are increasingly working with our clients to produce short video clips for their websites.  This includes product videos,  how to use and how to install videos,  as well as customer testimonials.

If you have ever tried to make a video with a DSLR, I’m sure you will agree that the built-in microphones are next to useless and tend to pick up a lot of camera noise mainly due to their location.

The sound quality improves considerably with an external boom microphone located on the cameras hot shoe.  I picked the Rotolight Pro Broadcast ShotGun Mic,  which works well and plugs straight into the cameras mic socket.  However, I still felt that there was room for improvement and started looking at sound recorders.

Having read lots of reviews, I selected the Tascam DR60D MKII because it was specifically designed for filmmakers and videographers using digital SLR’s.  It’s a four track solid state recorder which fits neatly under the camera and comes with both XLR and 3.5mm stereo inputs.   It has a slate tone generator which speeds up post production by allowing you to align the video and sound quickly.  It also has a dual recording function allowing you to record two audio files simultaneously at different levels.

The Tascam sound recorder is not only a good looking piece of equipment, see my image below, but has already proved itself to be a great asset in helping us to achieve excellent sound quality.

Professional Product Video Clips



Having been inspired by Kevin Abosch’s photograph of a potato which recently sold for £750,000,  I thought I would explore photographing some local organic vegetables myself.   As a commercial photographer I get to see a lot of beautiful finished and plated dishes,  however the raw ingredients are equally amazing when you look at them closely.  I sourced the organic vegetables for my portraits from The Windsor Farm Shop and intentionally haven’t corrected any of their imperfections or wash them as I wanted to photograph them in their natural organic state.

I’ve had a lot of fun photographing these vegetables and will definitely be adding some more to the series shortly.

I would love to know which one is your favourite?


Whilst working on some glassware catalogue product photography for a client,  I thought I would experiment at the end of the session by adding some creative elements to give the image an extra twist.   Initially I added the ice and whisky, which is really water and food dye but felt that there was still something missing.   The inspiration for the smoke came as I was packing away the smoke machine and Halloween decoration for another year and I thought I could try and capture the essence of the drink “the Spirit of Whisky”.  I really love the random shapes and patterns that can be made with the smoke machine and therefore I won’t be packing it away this year.

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The Spirit of Whisky

Product Photography


What a month it has been, I’ve photographed everything from sporting celebrities and multi million pound homes to luxury candles and food this month.

I was also really pleased to see one of my pictures of Sat Bains and Tom Kerridge published in October’s issue of BBC Good Food magazine.  The picture captures the friendship between the two chefs which goes back to when they first met at an industry awards dinner 9 years ago.   It was taken during service at Hibiscus for a charity dinner with Hospitality Action.   It was a truly amazing 10 Michelin stars dinner, the chefs included Sat Bains, Daniel Clifford, Paul Cunningham, Andrew Fairlie, Tom Kerridge and was hosted by Claude Bosi at Hibiscus.

There was a great atmosphere in the kitchen that night and I would love to know what Sat had just said to Tom to make him laugh so muchChefs!




Just had to photograph these pumpkins before the kids carved faces in them.  My inspiration for this picture came from the Dutch still life painting from the 1600’s.  Shot in the studio with a  simple two light setup designed to mimic daylight.

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