Gear – Studio Column Stand vs Tripod

Whilst it’s never about the equipment, it’s always exciting to get some new gear to play with in the studio.

I’ve been looking for some time to find the right camera support system for the studio. To date I’ve been using a tripod and have been looking to upgrade to a larger sturdier version.  The problem with tripods is that it is very easy to bump into them moving the camera and composition.  I also find when photographing small items such as cosmetics and jewellery the legs always seem to be in the way and are usually tangled up with lighting stands.  This is especially true when turning the camera to face the floor to photograph items from above.

After much deliberation, I finally gave in and purchased a Manfrotto Studio Column stand which provides a very stable platform for both DSLR’s as well as medium format and technical cameras.  The camera is fixed to an extending arm which is parallel to the floor.  This allows you to position the camera quickly and lock it down.  I’ll let you know how I get on over the next couple of weeks.


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