E-commerce Clothing Photography

It’s all about clothes today.  Here are a couple of shots from a range of clothing that I’m shooting for an on-line retailer.  Good product photography is essential for on-line retailers as in most cases e-commerce sites only engage one of your five senses, sight.  This means that your potential customers can only see the product but can’t feel its texture, smell the leather or hear it rustle.

There are lots of different options for clothing photography depending on the style of your website.  This clients uses a mixture of folded flat where the clothes are styled flat and arranged to imply movement as well as invisible mannequin photography.  This is where the clothes appear to be worn by an invisible person.  This is done by styling the clothes on a special mannequin and then the mannequin is removed in post-production and the back of the garment, collars and cuffs are blending back into the main images.  I would also away recommend a detail image to show the texture and unique selling points of the garment such are pockets, zips etc.

For more details on on product and pack shot photography click here

Clothing Product Photography

Folded Flat Clothing Product Photography


Clothing packshot photography

Invisible mannequin clothing photography

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